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Termite Treatment with a non repellant termicide

There are two phases in the termite control program:
  • Pre-Construction Program(for the new constructions)

  • Post-Construction Program(after construction).

Pre Construction Treatment:

  • Stage 1(during foundation) Treat the bottom and the sides up to a height of about 30cms of foundation pits and spray the formulated chemical per Sq. meter surface area.

  • Stage 2(after completion of foundation) On both sides of all built up walls treat the refill earth (width 30 cms and height 40cms) per linear meter.

  • Stage 3(before laying of floor) Before sand bed and slab is laid on the floor, treat the top surface of the entire grayed and leveled earth within the plinth wall.

  • Stage 4(after completion of building) Treat the earth along the external perimeter of the building per linear meter. Wherever pipes and conduits enter the soil, loosen the soil for a distance of 15 to 7.5 cms deep and throughly drench with the formulated chemical.

Post Construction Treatment:

  • Stage 1Treatment to floor and wall junction: Holes of 12mm diameter 18-20 inches apart will be drilled along the inner junction of floor and wall at depth of 6''on the entire floor surface. Termiticide emulsion will be injected under pressure into these holes to create barrier against termites. If heavy infestation is noticed on 1st / 2nd and above floors the same treatment will be carried out on those particular floors also, this method will repead three times.

  • Stage 2Treatment to wooden fixtures: Holes of 12 mm diameter will be drilled at the base and sides of wooden-fixtures such as window frames and doorframes adjoining the flooring and termiticide emulsion will be injected. This treatment will be carried out on all floors. (except basements/Terrace). An oil-based termiticide will be sprayed on all the woodwork highly infested by the termites within the premises. This is done in order to sustain that woodwork for future as the balance treatment shall be water based. Special care is taken in case furniture or wardrobes are attached to the wall as the termites can easily attack them. Drilling will be carried out throughout the sides & base of such fixture and termiticide solution will be injected.

  • Stage 3 Treatment to termite tubes: Visible shelter mud tubes are first sprayed, to control the existing movement of termites. The mud tubes will be then removed and treatment will be given to the infested area. This treatment shall also be provided to tunnels detected in the bathroom tiles.

In New Molecule Bifenthrine – Repellent Termicides

Bifenthrine a unique molecule for termite control is the greatest invention of F.M.C. specialty products with its headquarters in Philadelphia U.S. which has the longest protection period registered and approved by Australia.(Australia is one of the fue countries that require the manufacturers to mention the protection period provide by their chemicals on the label).

The synthetic pyrethroid is tested and recommended in India by C.B.R.I. (Central Building research institute) Roorkee for pre- construction and post- construction anti- termite treatment. This synthetic pyrethroid is recommended by U.S.D.A. It was tested for its average protection period on termitecide for not less than 13 years unlike other pesticides.

Double Action Protection

Bifenthrine not only kills active termites quickly but creates an invisible protection barrier that surrounds your home to repel termites. Even when a Bifenthrin treated barrier becomes thin or weakened overtime it will still provide protection since it reduces. The pressure of the attack through repellency and hence termites do not challenge the barrier.

Anti Termite Treatment:

We have introduced a new generation species specific insecticides to control termites (pre and post construction) which are odourless, non-repellent (kills the pest unlike the usual Organo Phosphorous compound Chloropyriphos 20% EC).

The chemical used here is Imidacloprid 30.50% SC which acts on the termites producing cascading effect on the pest as the termites feed through Tropholaxis (mouth- to- mouth feeding).

Historically best way to stop termites from destroying houses is by creating a chemical barrier of the Termitecide in the soil around the structure. Any break in the barrier due to construction activity, improper application, shifting of treated soil etc., renders it useless and the structure is exposed to termite attack. To overcome the innovative Termitecide is used which breaks the repellent barrier mentality.

  • 1) No odours
  • 2) Very safe for humans
  • 3) Non-repellent-Termite cannot detect the treated zone and is exposed to lethal doses ensuring Maximum Kill
  • 4) Rapid actionTermites cease feeding immediately on exposure to the formulation preventing to any further damage.
  • 5) Effective protection :The debilitating effect of the treated zone on termites ensures good and long lasting protection.
  • 6) Convenience: The Low dose i.e., 0.07% a.i. concentration i.e., 1 liter concentrated product + 499 liters of water makes 500 liters of ready- to- use- solution.
  • 7) Activity spectrum
Guarantee Period: For Pre-construction the Guarantee period will be 10 years
Characteristics Non-repellant Termiticide Repellant Termiticide
Dosage Low Chemical requirement 0.02ml/ 1 lit. water
High Chemical requirement 50ml/ 1 lit. water
Treatment Barrier Creates non-detectable barrier Creates detectable barrier
Odour Odourless Emits foul smell
Mode of action Lethal and kills termites Repels Termites
Toxicity (LD 50) 450mg/ 1kg 135mg/ 1kg
Ease of application Spreads in all directions by a process called Lateral Soil Movement(LSM) Requires constant and uniform application of the chemical to avoid gaps in the treated zone.

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