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Integrated General Disinfestations

Our own combination of treatments eliminates domestic pests such as silver fish, lizards, cockroach's moths, rodents, spiders and cobwebs and prevents their further growth with their residual effect.

Fly Control:

In case of severe infestations, we identify the source and do the breeding control treatment as this is the only pest which is not nocturnal in nature and becomes active as the warmth increases. During summer and monsoon season this problem is very acute.

Apart from breeding control, we use the mist blowing system to cover all outer areas with a highly effective chemical. This can be used along the borders and open areas. For inner areas we use glue traps along with the pheromone coated adhesive sheets or specialized UV fly traps.

Component Structure
  • Active ingredient: Deltamethrin 2.5%W/W.
  • Odorless, non-staining and active against all flying and crawling insects.
  • Safe for warm-blooded animals as this does not penetrate the keratin layer of the skin unlike the conventional insecticides like malathion.

IPMS(India)Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Pest Control providers.

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