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Integrated Spider Control

Component Structure

Active ingredient: bifenrhrin

Safe for warm-blooded animals as this does not penetrate the keratin layer of the skin unlike the conventional insecticide like malathion .

Long lasting Broad spectrum action

Spiders are beneficial anthropods-- Many people fear spiders because of their habit of building webs in and around the structures. Spiders capture prey by using webs and venom. Spiders differ from insects as they have eight legs and six to eight eyes on the head. Spiders are biologically not very receptive to chemical agents and not very cooperative in picking up pesticides. One have to make contact with the insect via direct spray, so effective spider control with pesticide is a contact kill. There are many products in the market that effectively kill spiders indoor and outdoor. For indoor and outdoor spider kill cyfluthrine and Bifenthrin and for trees vegetation and lawns esfenvalerate or lamba cylothrine is best recommended.

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