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Eco-Freendly Snake and Reptile Repellent:

The US department of Agriculture, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Services(APHIS) has recommended EUGENOL which is a combination of different natural oils effective in repelling all kinds of snakes.
EUGENOL is a member of Phenyl 
Application Method:

We Recommend spraying once a week during peak seasons on all the areas and surfaces where the snakes move frequently @500ml covers 100 linear meters.


When the Repellent is sprayed it emits a smell that makes the reptile uncomfortable as it irritates the sensors of the Jacobson's organ of the reptile.

 --In this way the smell deters the snake entering in to the sprayed or treated surfaces of the snake repellent.

This snake repellent is bio degradable , Eco-friendly, Non carcinogenic, non toxic.

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