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"Why Choose" IPMS India

  • Our methods are tailored Based on the clients requirements.

  • In order to accurately assess a pest problem, IPMS continuously monitors the site proactively by conducting audits on a regular basis based on the below parameters to help solve the pest problems from recurring and the same is shared with the client.



  • IPMS India has 15 years experience and expertise in ISO, FDA, HACCAP, FSMS, WHO, AIB, ETC audits for all pharma food and other MNC industries of different segment.

  • Have area service stations all over the city to ensure speedy response.

  • Unlike other acute toxic material at IPMS we use a single dose anti-coagulants for controlling rodents for better efficency.

  • IPMS India is the first company which has come out with a unique herbal formulation in spraying the first of its kind RAT REPELANT.which proved to be effective in all segment of the market

  • IPMS is the first company which has come out with a unique Non Toxic and Eco-friendly first of its kind herbal Mosquito repellant.

  • IPMS has recently introduced Non Toxic and Eco friendly herbal pest control treatments to control pests.

  • IPMS has good expertise even in Bird control having products like, Bird go gel, Bird fog etc.

  • IPMS has different kinds of fly traps like paint on method etc, some even approved by Environmental protection agency,USA (EPA).

  • Ipms has come out with an snake repellent eugenol which is extracted from natural oils, this is safe for human as it is non toxic and bidigradable which gives 100% result.

IPMS(India)Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Pest Control providers.

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