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Service Programmes – Pest Risk Management

A practical philosophy informs of all our activities – from site visits to research labs. Pests can be a threat to any business. Different companies face varying degrees of risk, depending on the sector they operate in and their level of tolerance for pests.
Ipms understands that businesses need pest prevention service appropriate to the level of risk they face. It’s that understanding that informs our strategy of managing your pest risk at a number of different service levels.

Pest Risk Management takes a holistic approach – looking at how pests can affect every aspect of your business. Because every business is different, every Ipms India pest prevention service agreement is specific to the customer .
– with an agreed number of annual visits and optional levels of vigilance, emergency call-out and so on. You wouldn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to bookkeeping or IT, so why take one to pest control?

  • QUALITY PEST MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Quality Pest Management System (QPMS) is the premium service provided to our customers and its main objective is to maintain a successful pest management program.
    Learn more about our Quality Pest Management System
  • PEST PREVENTION SERVICE: Pests pose an occasional threat to every business. You need the reassurance of regular monitoring and on-demand callout that this service provides.
    Learn more about Pest Prevention Service
  • PROACTIVE PEST MANAGEMENT: For certain businesses highly effective pest control is critical — such as those in food manufacturing or pharmaceutical production. Proactive Pest Management is the gold standard in pest control, ensuring that pest problems can never disrupt your commercial activities.
    Learn more about Proactive Pest Management
  • IPMS India INSPECTION SERVICE: In many sectors of industry, efficient pest control is a crucial factor in commercial success. RIS is a cross-sector, flexible standard agreement that reliably prevents your production facilities from becoming infested.
    Learn more about RIS IPMS Inspection Service

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