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Bird Proofing

Pest birds, such as pigeons are a nuisance. They damage property and can spread diseases. Their acidic feces deface buildings and foul pathways. Nesting materials and feathers increase the maintenance and cleaning costs.
If you want to keep the birds away from your buildings, bird proofing is the way to exclude them. If birds have been taking a fancy to your premises, bird control netting, spiking or gelling is the perfect way to exclude them. Bird proofing is done at all places where birds are roosting or nesting. It deprives them of these places and thus renders your premises bird free.

The benefits of bird proofing include:

  • Rodents: We can apply bird proofing wherever problems may arise.
  • Cost savings: reduced cleaning and maintenance costs thanks to no more bird fouling problems
  • Reduced nuisance from birds: and smarter buildings without all their mess

IPMS(India)Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Pest Control providers.

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